Are you a designer on here? Say hi and post your portfolio site / dribbble / behance / wherever I can check out your work! It's probably great since clearly you have great taste.
  1. Her #100DayChallenge was a great sneak peak at how talented she is as a designer & illustrator —
  2. Cutest colors I've ever seen —
  3. We share the same aesthetic, plus her personal dress style is so good —
  4. My art director. Superb designer, and she makes our work great —
  5. I'm about to set up my personal website, but in the meantime you can check out my work on my Instagram and tumblr! &
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  6. Ellasabo
    I'm a beginner to graphic design and I share most of my work on Behance at My Instagram is also @ellasabo 📷
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  7. It needs updating, it's all there 😁 —
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  8. 👋 recent grad working an undesireable corporate job whose portfolio is in serious need of an overhaul but HEY (and @emthoms on the insta g)
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  9. | In desperate need of updating. I'll post some stuff on List App soon.
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  10. Suggested by @notme
  11. nice to have a check in like this!
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