Inspired by @Elisabeth
  1. He is the smartest man I've ever met
    Also the most logical. And most stubborn. And my grandma is the exact opposite — a lovely combination.
  2. He introduced me to encyclopedias
    He has been recommending me brooks ever since.
  3. He didn't go to college
    Yet all of the above holds true. He also was a business owner, community leader, and is now a proud Kindle reader.
  4. He loves tennis and baseball
    He will watch football for his sons, but will doze off before and after half-time, never during.
  5. He doesn't believe in drinking 8 glasses of water a day
    But we all secretly think he has to drink more than that, because he looks too young for someone who doesn't hydrate properly.
  6. He runs
    The oldest person in my family might very well be the healthiest (except for the water thing.)
  7. We don't talk often
    But when we do, we can talk for hours. What am I saying? That is still not enough. I should call more.
  8. He loves beyond capacity
    My grandparents share the funniest, oddest, and sweetest love. They taught us how to be a family.