Actual friends, not the tv show. Being home for any holiday is oftentimes an opportunity to meet up with old friends, but as years go by, the number of friends in town keep dropping, as does my interest in chasing old memories. Does this make me a bad friend?
  1. No — I'm an awesome best friend, if I do say so myself
    But maybe I'm not so good at being an average friend. It's all or nothing, people! As a wise person once said, "best friend isn't a person, Danny, is a tier." I've mastered the best friend tier, but I have been failing with anyone below that tier for years.
  2. I lived in a small town called Nogales in Mexico for a little over 18 years
    Beautiful memories were made there — and by beautiful, I mean I had an array of good and not so good experiences but a majority of it was good. I've met wonderful people along the way, and in light of thanksgiving, here's a note to all of you/them:
  3. Lovely kindergarten and elementary school buddies:
    I remember most of you but there is no way of knowing if we ever had anything in common beyond Coloring 101. I hope you are doing well, and if we do run into each other, may we have the common courtesy of saying hello without each others names — let's not make it obvious that one of us might not remember the other.
  4. Middle school acquaintances,
    We saw each other through some ugly, teenage times. There were some big fallouts, but that's all in the past now — thank you for (hopefully) letting things go. I see pictures of you getting married, having kids, and I like most of them. Take this as a peace offering, and please let's not pretend that we want to stay in touch, because clearly we've all moved on to better friends (and that's ok!)
  5. Dear high school ghosts:
    Where do I begin? We swore to be best friends forever, and forever lasted about 2 years into college. I take most of the responsibility for not staying in touch with all of you; in my defense, we had a huge group and staying in touch takes time — especially if I need to translate my thoughts from english to the native spanish we once shared. If you've recently got married/had a baby/did something special: Congrats! Happy for you.
  6. To my early college buds,
    We never had much in common besides the fact that we were starting college together. I think most of us changed majors along the way, and I even changed schools and cities. I have no excuse for not staying in touch, but you were good to me — and maybe you're better off.
  7. My dearest Design School family:
    It's too early to tell if we'll really be friends forever, but I do hope you're always in my life. It feels different with you guys, we have our careers in common and that's a big thing. It's only been a few months since graduation and I don't miss you yet, but maybe I never will because we can text, call, email, and snap each other anytime.
  8. Last but not least, the best friends' tier
    I'm thankful for all of you, and however old our friendship might be, I'm happy we've made it this far. Cheers to keeping this up!