1. It's been nine years
  2. There are too many thoughts and emotions circling my mind after reading "The Cursed Child"
  3. Some good, some bad, and some even make sense
  4. For example, it's perfectly reasonable that Harry Potter would be less than a perfect father at times
  5. If 7 books taught us anything is that these characters have a bit of everything in them
    Intelligence, delusions of grandeur, bravery, loyalty, selfishness, anger, insecurities, and sure, above it all there is love
  6. It's weird to read about these characters as if they kept on existing after the last book
  7. At the end of the day, it's good to know that this world J.K. Rowling wrote has plenty of stories to go around
  8. And if that isn't magic, I don't really know what is
  9. ⚡️