Three email accounts. Hundreds of emails per week. These are some email subscriptions I think are worth listing. What makes your inboxes worth checking?
  1. Clear winner (proof: — I currently subscribe to 10/30 of its email types, and I almost always read every thing within.
  2. Not Doomed Yet
    This is a newsletter by Robinson Meyer, and is a summary of global-warming news for people who have a stake in our planet's future — yes, this is important information for everyone; subscribe here:
  3. AIGA's Eye on Design
    Does anyone else think there's a lack of design newsletters? There's so many websites, blogs, and design writers out there that I find it odd how little of it gets to my inbox. I want more but am happy with how easy it is to read through their weekly newsletter —
  4. I'm a few Lenny's behind but have a goal to read them all eventually. I love what @lenadunham and @jennikonner are doing with these emails — from voice and content, to the amazing illustrations in each issue.
  5. I have long been following @leandra on Instagram, and her style might even have inspired a project of mine in design school — signing up for the Manrepeller's newsletter is one of the best digital moves I've made in a while (sorry, Tinder). Each email contains the perfect mix of fashion, wit, and shopping #fomo (i.e.
  6. The White House
    No matter what happens in 2016, our government should keep up online communications — also please let Obama's digital agencies like 18F keep doing amazing work (!