1. I feel like I’m saving time while drinking coffee
    Truth, since the largest drink I make is a 6oz macchiato. Do I sound too pretentious already?
  2. Coffee is really a drug, I see that now
    Yes, it’s addicting and I’ve been dependent on it for a while but it’s something else to take a single sip and feel a jolt of energy within seconds
  3. I have a new found respect for latte art
    Seriously, baristas everywhere deserve a round of applause for committing to this tiny detail. Does it make a latte taste better? No, but it sure is hard to make a heart with milk foam. Sorry @msjaners, I promise to keep trying to make something other than a blob of almond milk.
  4. Buying coffee at my beloved Lola feels like cheating
    I’m sorry, little espresso machine! Lola just has so much more to offer: sweet treats, breakfast burritos, the occasional hot guy drinking coffee?! Sadly, none of those things are ever present in my kitchen.
  5. Overall, life is life. Espresso machine or no espresso machine, there are far more important things to think about
    David Bowie and Alan Rickman passed away this week. Some people still think climate change is not real? Trump is still running for president?? The Oscars are discriminating against people of color again this year???
  6. Cool. I’ll go back to my espresso on ice now