Here's a sampling of the texts exchanged, will leave most of the names off for confidentiality purposes
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    Josh (@raspopoj) just said "you have a better chance of becoming president than winning." Good thing we have Rachel – @norak
    Way to be supportive @raspopoj. Rachel is one of our super interns, and we all believe she'll be president one day (hi @rdodell 👋🏽)
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    "I don't want the pressure of checking!"
    Somehow I ended up buying the tickets for everyone — was that a good idea? Not the worst. Have I ever won anything? Nope. Did I drive to my boss' house to hand over the tickets? Yes
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    "My relationship with Jack will just start off so much better when we're on even billionaire ground"
    Dorsey. Jack Dorsey, as in Twitter's founder & CEO
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    "Have been dealing with kiddos! Did we already lose?"
    So much for optimism and good juju
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    "Nothing?? Not even $4?"
    Drumroll. We did not win. Are you shocked? We were. We had such good odds. 🙅🏽
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    "Maybe $4, I’ll take the tix in tomorrow to check"
    There's hope?
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