As inspired by the Harry Potter marathon I'm treating myself too
  1. Defense Against the Dark Arts Professors: Ranked
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  2. Spells: Ranked from most useful to "I need this now!"
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  3. Hermione Granger's best one-liners
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  4. Ron Weasley's best facial expressions
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  5. Times Harry was clearly over being "The Chosen One"
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  6. Harry Potter as told from the perspective of Fred and George Weasley
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  7. How to love your best friend unconditionally without falling in love: Harry & Hermione edition
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  8. How not to date the love of your life for 7 years: Ron & Hermione edition
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  9. How to third-wheel for 7 years: The untold story of Harry James Potter
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  10. Times Hogwart's property was severely damaged pointlessly
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  11. Offscreen talks & arguments between Hermione & Ginny
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  12. Molly Weasley and the many times she secretly wished Ron would have shared his first train ride to Hogwarts with someone other than Harry "The Chosen One" Potter
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  13. Hermione's Top Shelf: A Magical Beauty Routine
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  14. Ginny Weasley: The untold story of the little sister
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  15. Dudley Vernon's summers ranked: most to least traumatizing
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  16. Every way in which smartphone technology could have changed the Harry Potter series
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