Using the term genes somewhat loosely, these are the things I wish I would've inherited from my family
  1. Singing skills
    I can't carry a tune but they can harmonize like the best of Broadway, ok maybe not that well but almost — what the heck? Am I adopted?
  2. Kitchen Wizardry
    My mom loves to discover recipes and then improve upon them — Pinterest is her life. My grandma cooks the best mexican food ever.
  3. Early risers
    My parents never imposed a bed time while growing up, therefore I blame them for my horrid sleeping habits and general immunity to alarm clocks.
  4. Average height
    Here I am torn — I enjoy being tall but it does make shopping and dating hard at times
  5. The habit of always making your bed
    I showed my mom this list as a draft, and it was a perfect opening for her to go on and on about how messy it is that I don't make my bed every single day.