One photo for every place I've visited this past year

  1. St. Petersburg, FA
    Business trip — wish it would've been Miami and not this quasi-retirement age location.
  2. Flagstaff, AZ
    When you live in Phoenix, sometimes you have to go chase a season, one that is different from summer or cooler summer.
  3. Philadelphia, PA
    As a desert native, I can't help but to love & romanticize a true winter.
  4. Washington, DC
    A stranger's apartment packed with other strangers for New Years 2016.
  5. Austin, TX
    First solo business trip, and first ever solo trip — I had a blast.
  6. Detroit, MI
    Third business trip — late nights, impromptu photoshoots, happy hours aplenty, and the best thai food I've ever had.
  7. Rural Michigan: Cass City, Frankenmuth, Grand Rapids, Ludington State Park
    Had the loveliest of times visiting a small branch of my family; there might be another list coming soon with just photos of this underrated neck of the woods.