Opening gifts is the best

Especially when these come from a Secret Santa! 🎅
  1. Let it be known, I have no self control and opened my gift immediately. God, Let us hope my laptop is okay after I dropped my bag to the ground to open this package!
  2. Oh why thank you, @alissamaynot! The tissue paper matched my shoes!
  3. Brookling Charm! Tiny boxes are the best boxes!
  4. So. Great. I love this. It's my life motto. Wait... Is this something I listed?!
    It is! One of the titles for the memoir I'll never write! This is so perfect 😍
  5. And a blank notebook! Thank you so much, @alissamaynot. I loved it!
  6. And thank you, @ChrisK! 10/10 👌🏽
  7. Such a great day — I got my gift! And @avecsarah got hers! Christmas cheer all around 🎄