Inspired by @dstemet
  1. My family
    This one is a given because almost always likes their family — but seriously, between my mom, grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins, there's enough love, grace, sarcasm, and bad jokes to last a lifetime.
  2. My friends
    Old and new, I'm grateful for those around me that care, understand, and are there for the good, bad, and/or random times.
  3. Highway Twenty
    Referring to the agency where I work, and not the highway in the state of Washington. I was lucky enough to graduate college with a job lined up, and this isn't any job: I get to do what design for causes that matter along the lovely, inspiring, and clever as hell team at Highway Twenty. Everyday this gig is much more than just a job, and that's thanks to the people I work with, who have become my friends and mentors.
  4. A myriad of somewhat trivial things
    Maybe not so trivial, but today I'm also grateful for technology and how easy it is to gain access to the world's knowledge, literature, and inspiring people — all things that can be found here @list 😊