My roommate is @msjaners and she knows only one direction in life
  1. There are tears coming out of my eyes
    While watching one of their videos
  2. They feel more accessible because they weren't as successful at this stage
    While showing me their X-Factor audition
  3. Just 5 normal lads
    She says this almost every time we watch (she makes me) their videos
  4. He (Niall) really carries the band — it's an unknown fact
    This was truly shocking coming from Harry Styles' most devoted fan
  5. I love these boys 😭
    Direct quote / excerpt from text exchange
  6. Sometimes I feel like One Direction is the only thing I'm sure about in life
  7. Harry's in LA — quick we must go
    Texted at 1AM on February 14th
  8. This list will probably he continued for many days to come