Featuring the one and only @heatherisch, here is what we order (almost) every week when we have the best sushi (in our humble opinion) in Phoenix, Az
  1. 2 miso soups
  2. 2 orders of salmon nigiri 🍣
    For a total of 4 pieces
  3. 2 Philly Rolls
    For a total of "this is way too much food"
  4. We sometimes venture out and order other things
    Such as...
  5. 1 Sashimi Salad
  6. 1 order of veggie tempura
  7. 1 Arizona Roll
    This was really good, we don't order it enough
  8. Honorable mention: Fresh Wasabi
    Too good to leave out of this utterly pointless list
  9. The end
    Jk.. We sometimes leave there in a mild food comma, only to follow up with a hot beverage from Lux (which @heatherisch can best describe)