Here's why you won't hear me complain, "I was totally born in the wrong era" accompanied by a dramatic sigh. Please help make this list better with your thoughts.
  1. The Internet
    Need I say more? Whether we like it or not, the internet is changing everything.
  2. Online shopping
    I can't remember the last time I went to the mall and called it a successful shopping experience. However I've mastered the art of opening 20+ tabs, narrowing them down, and remembering my cvc code.
  3. Digital newspapers, magazines, etc.
    I once subscribed to the sunday @nytimes, mainly because I romanticized the idea of reading the sunday paper while drinking coffee. Turns out I don't love getting ink on my fingers, and fiddling between multiple sections. I do love being informed, and having the option to gather my news from different publications at any time of day. I still have great admiration for those that read and love printed newspapers.
  4. Spotify, Netflix, Hulu, and all other streaming alternatives
    Just great. A+
  5. Online payments
    My grandfather would dedicate one day a week pay bills, which required him to drive around town, waiting in line, writing checks, and interacting with lots of people doing the same thing. Come to think of it, that doesn't sound like the worst thing ever but I appreciate how easy it is for me to exchange money for electricity and other services.
  6. The List App!
    Suggested by @bookishclaire
  7. Interacting with other human beings in a superficial but somehow gratifying way
    Like via Listing and other social media apps
    Suggested by @caseycruda
  8. GIFS of sleepy cats and other relatable things
    Suggested by @heatherisch