cuz why not?
  1. Hi! I'm Liz! Although there is a little old lady who calls me Rainbow!
    And I'm totally on time with that!
  2. I'm a very colorful person. I have tattoos and I change my hair color every few weeks.
  3. I love animals. I have 3 cats and a dog. Although I consider the toads, lizards, butterflies, ladybugs, etc that I find to be friends too!!
    I call animals friends, not pets.
  4. I was born in PA, moved to Texas about 7 years ago, and I love it here!!
  5. I love being outside!
    A good thing considering I work outside year round.
  6. Flowers make me smile!!
    I talk to them too. Yeah, I'm a bit quirky!!
  7. I talk to myself, regularly.
    I've heard this is a sign of genius though, so I'm not worried!
  8. I make up silly songs and sing them in the shower.
    Usually about whichever cat happens to be sitting on the edge of the bathtub!
  9. I got married last year!! Woot!!
    And my wife is totally awesome!!
  10. I love to read.
    Anything and everything!!!
  11. I was in the Peace Corps, in Ecuador for 3+ years.
    And I speak spanish fluently....most days.
  12. I've owned and driven a Subaru ever since I learned to drive, 21 years ago. (4 to be precise.)
    I'm aware this is a stereotype, but they are very fun and safe cars!!
  13. I'm a middle child and proud of it!!
    Stubbornness and all!! (My favorite nickname for my older brother is 'stinky nuts'!!)
  14. I think that's enough...
    Nice to meet you!!