Requested by Boogie

Favorite Summer Snacks, Ranked

Listed least favorite to most favorite!! requested by @Boogie
  1. Pop Ice
  2. Frozen Lemonade
    Strawberry or regular, it makes no difference!
  3. Bomb Pops
  4. Sliced Tomatoes
    With salt and pepper!
  5. Fudgesicles
  6. Potato Chips
    The saltier the better!!
  7. Watermelon
    With or without salt!!
  8. Rainbow Sherbet
  9. Kosher Dill Pickles!!
    Mmmmm!! Amazingly salty and delicious!!!
  10. Bubble Tea!!!
    With way more bubbles than tea, but it's a refreshing treat!! And the bubbles add a great burst of flavor! I could drink one everyday!!