I work at a small plant and garden center
  1. A customer comes in and says their child or grandchild is doing a project involving plants
    Flowers, succulents, house plants, what have you
  2. They proceed to drag you around helping to design the project
    All the while disapproving of the options you're giving them. This makes me not very enthusiastic about helping you....
  3. And worst of all said child or grandchild is either not saying a word, totally checked out, or mysteriously absent
    Wtf????. This really really makes me not want to help you....
  4. My questions to you, the customer: what does your child or grandchild learn from you doing their work for them???
  5. What will you do when your child or grandchild gets a job??
  6. Why are we raising a generation of people used to someone else doing their projects/work??