1. Box-head lady
    She uses a box as a sunshade
  2. Skunk head
    Has a white stripe on the front of her head
  3. Boob grazer
    Always tries to touch our boobs....it's not very subtle....also hugs a lot...
  4. Salty douchebag
  5. Baldy McSteals-alot
    Is bald and shoplifts
  6. The creeper
    Skulks around and insists on monopolizing your time with lame questions and argues with your answers. Also a close talker.
  7. The shoplifter
    Easily confused with the creeper, except avoids contact with any employee.
  8. Lipstick lady
    Has lipstick all over her teeth, and wears short shorts. (teaches jazzercize class)
  9. Big Momma
    Awesome customer and her husband calls her Big Momma, so we do too!!
  10. LSU Mary
    Obsessed with LSU. (we have lota of customers named mary!)
  11. Krazy Kathy
    She's a wackadoodle!!
  12. Oooohhh Codeee! (said in old lady voice)
    Old lady obsessed with one of the guys who sells lawn fertilizer....will talk to him for hours!!!
  13. Creepy balls guy
    Constantly adjusts himself or stands with his legs apart swinging them back and forth.
  14. Angry lesbian
    Not angry anymore but used to avoid me and my boss and make angry faces when asked how she was doing. Her partner is super nice!!
  15. The boot guy
    Always had a boot shoe (soft cast).....always....for years!!!
  16. BGK
    Big Gay Kevin!! He's tall and very gay and his name is Kevin!!!
  17. Angry Yoga Lady
    Usually in a bad mood and always wears yoga pants!!!