Things I do to combat dehydration....

when it's 99° but it feels like 121° and you work Houston Texas...
  1. Water, lots and lots of water!!!
    This is a 32oz bottle and I usually drink at least 5 bottles every day!
  2. Pickles
    Dill pickles, not sweet pickles. The salt helps keep you hydrated.
  3. Watermelon
    With salt on it!!! It's fine without salt, but the salt makes it better!!
  4. Carrots, celery, & jicama
    With or without salt
  5. Avoid the sunny areas as much as possible
    It's inevitable that I have to help customers in the sun, but I'm not the one complaining about the heat!!
  6. Hang out under this awesome umbrella!!!
    Best Idea Ever!!! Thanks @kellykock