All quotes by Trump unless otherwise noted.
  1. Dwight Eisenhower... You don't get nicer.
  2. You should let Jeb speak.
  3. You think walls don't work? Just look at Israel.
  4. You're lucky you struck oil in Ohio.
  5. It took candy crush one year to reach 100 million users (Rubio)
  6. I do care about the poor people (Carson)
  8. Are you talking about the military, Rand? (Rubio)
  9. All the money is spoken for (Carly)
  10. We have no choice.
  11. Let's point out that China is not part of this deal.... (Rand)
  12. How do we make them look like losers (Carson)
  13. They blew up.... Hold up! They blew up.... What a minute!
    Hand in the air. And waving like you just don't care.
  14. I said keep the oil!
  15. Why does she keep interrupting everybody?
    Oh no he didn't
  16. I've been very very highly praised for it.
  17. Bold colors, not pale pastels. (Cruz)
    But I like pastels.....
  18. It's not about us (the moderators) it's about them (the candidates)
    Suggested by @Pretzelmann
  19. Ted Crus forgetting the 5 organizations he would cut funding from.
    Suggested by @Pretzelmann