I probably missed a few but oh well! I love all of these films and even own them on DVD so I can watch them whenever I want. I realize not everyone will share my opinion so please don't post mean comments! These aren't necessarily the BEST films in each genre, just the ones I enjoy watching a lot. (As a film student I like a lot of movies)
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    Animation: The Lion King πŸŒ…
    I mean come on it's a classic. The music? Phenomenal. The relationships? Heartbreaking. The animation? Have you seen the ending sequence with Simba on Pride Rock?? TEARS!! I love this movie. It's my all-time favorite and I've probably seen it about 50 times but somehow I never get sick of it. If I went non-Disney I'd have to go with How to Train Your Dragon. This is also undoubtedly my favorite genre. I'm not going to lie, I even really like The Lion King 2.
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    Comedy: Hot Rod 🚲
    I can't help but laugh out loud at this stupid humor. Andy Samberg and the rest of the crew are just hilarious. I cried the first time I watched it and had to play back the part where he falls down the cliff. A close second in this genre would be Mean Girls. Both films are very fun to quote with friends. SNL people are my favorite.
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    RomCom: The Holiday πŸŽ„
    I am such a sucker for this film. It's so pretty and cozy and I love the music and the actors. The plot is just too cute and I think its British countryside/Hollywood suburbs mix makes it pretty unique. And HELLOOOO Jude Law!! 😍😍 My mom and I watch this film every Christmas!
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    Action: Die Hard πŸŒ†
    My second favorite film of all time after The Lion King. Bruce Willis is a force to be reckoned with and his sarcastic sense of humor makes him even more of a badass. This film also holds a special place in my heart because it's one of my dad's favorite movies too. We both love the franchise but of course the first DH is our favorite. #YippeeKiYay
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    Horror: The Gallows πŸ‘€
    I will honestly say this film surprised me. My siblings and I love watching horror together and all three of us were terrified. We were also in theatre in high school so the setting was even more creepy to us. Plus they get you with some good jump scares and suspense! An unexpectedly good horror film with a twisted ending. I'm also a fan of The Village even though it's much less scary.
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    Sci-Fi: Star Wars 🌌
    I couldn't pick just one. (Okay obviously episode 4 is my favorite) Another movie franchise that my dad (and brother) both love. I even took a college course about it (film major) and loved studying about what a break-through film episode 4 was with its special effects. A must-see for everyone!!
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    Drama: The Breakfast Club 🚬
    Another classic. John Hughes gets teenagers on a level that most directors don't. It's witty, edgy, weird, funny, and you gotta love that 80's nostalgia. It deals with teenage problems in a very realistic way and doesn't seem cheesy. It makes me wish I lived in that era! I also loved Good Will Hunting and Her.
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    Romance: The Notebook πŸ“”
    This is the one film I will inevitably cry watching every. Single. Time. It's so terribly heartbreaking to me but somehow also kind of has a happy ending? It gives me such mixed emotions and I'm SO in love with Noah and Allie as a couple. (Also just in love with Noah in general) Their onscreen chemistry is flawless and I could watch their performances again and again. Plus the score and cinematography are just beautiful. Pretty Woman might be my second favorite.
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    Western: Django Unchained πŸ”«
    Another movie I cried laughing at the first time I saw it, specifically the scene where they're arguing about the bags on their heads. πŸ˜‚ I even watched it twice in theaters. I was so surprised at how hilarious it was. This is my favorite Tarantino film and all of the acting performances are just phenomenal. I'll admit that the western genre is probably my least favorite one, and I haven't seen many western films, but that doesn't change my love for this weird movie.
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    War Movie: Inglorious Basterds πŸ’€
    Fury was a close second. Funny enough they both star Brad Pit. Very different films though. IB is hilarious while Fury is tragic. They both have funny and sad elements but I would consider IB more of a comedy and Fury more of a drama. I actually speak Italian so Brad Pit's absurd attempts at the language in IB are hilariously ridiculous to me.
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    Coming-of-Age: The Sandlot ⚾️
    Hooooo boy is it hard for me to narrow down this category. We've also got Stand By Me, Super 8, Mighty Ducks, and The Outsiders. Sadly there's barely any girl-power in these films but I still love them. They're all funny while still warming your heart. The Sandlot comes in first though. Undeniably fun to quote and such a fun 60's vibe. Those boys are just too funny. "You're killin' me, Smalls!!" I even like the sequel.
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    Old Hollywood Classic: The Kid 🎩
    If there is one movie that I think everyone should see at least once in their life, it's this one. You can't live without seeing Charlie Chaplin's performance in this beautiul film. I immediately fell in love with the movie upon my first watch. It proves that black & white silent films can stand the test of time.