this list is basically... my life's Passion. (not completely comprehensive yet, I've only had ~3 years of field research)
  1. Tremont (127 Tremont)
    my first year and a half in Boston this was my absolute Favorite dunkin so it truly saddens me to put it at last place!! it's always crowded, which leads to them never getting my coffee right, I ask for a black coffee and 9/10 times someone will ask "do you want cream and sugar?" also, I've been harassed outside of this dunkin more than I am comfortable with
  2. North Station (135 Causeway)
    a Very Decent dunkin for being inside of a train station
  3. Allston (179 Brighton)
    I was only at this dunkin a few times when I worked at WGBH, so maybe with a few more visits it would have been higher on the list because I don't really have any complaints about it!
  4. South Station (2 Summer)
    a Very Good dunkin for being inside of a bus station
  5. Government Center (100 City Hall)
    your best bet if you are going to Faneuil hall and want to get dunkin on the way (nothing to write home about, but also not completely terrible)
  6. Other Tremont (16 Tremont)
    Emelia and I started going to this dunkin a lot our fall semester of senior year and it was really good for awhile! and then it became very bad every time we went and we stopped going
  7. Ridgeway (106 Cambridge)
    (referring to this one as Ridgeway because that is the school building it was by and nothing else noteworthy IMO) second best dunkin on Suffolk's campus. they also usually have the brownie batter donuts weeks after everyone else stops selling them
  8. Copley (715 Boylston)
    they closed the dunkin on Newbury St and this ended up being a good alternative. it was further away from me and the medium iced coffees are more on the ~pricey~ side but overall it is good
  9. Downtown Crossing (330 Washington)
    a fairly new dunkin! constructed I think during my last semester of college, which could be why they were so good every time I went. the ambiance alone was worth it (they have exposed brick) but one time they literally gave me a cup of milk
  10. Emerson (80 Boylston)
    a very good dunkin to me when I lived down the street, but it was not As Good the last two years in my opinion (don't take my word on this, it's one of my roommates Favorite dunks)
  11. Northeastern University (360 Huntington)
    I didn't actually go to Northeastern so I don't know if there is more than one dunkin on their campus? the one I went to was always decent and they gave me free donuts if I went there around closing
  12. Gulf Station (1420 Boylston)
    I loved going to this dunkin almost strictly because it was inside of a gas station, BUT they have the freshest and best donuts, and 8/10 times your coffee order is correct
  13. Chinatown (630 Washington)
    this used to be #1 on the list but it stopped being consistently good every time I went there so I had to bump it down. good coffee, decent donut selection, and generally no nonsense from the cashiers so it's very in-and-out
  14. State House (22 Beacon)
    it feels like it's cheating to put this one at #2 because a lot of its appeal for me was that I passed it on my way to classes every day. regardless of that, they make an amazing iced pumpkin macchiato, and they're almost always playing Sheryl Crow
  15. Fenway (530 Commonwealth)
    in my personal opinion, without a doubt the best dunkin to go to in Boston. they always have a great donut selection, they almost always make my coffee correctly, and when I was last there (May) they had the cheapest medium iced coffees