for my luv interest @misstwinpeaks
  1. Steven Black
    he didn't care about food or tv so he was doomed from the start, regardless of how much I loved him on "Don't Forget The Lyrics"
  2. Wesley Snipes
    literally? no redeeming qualities but never said anything as stupid as Wayne Brady's character
  3. Danny Baker
    a nice, cute boy! not a technical boyfriend but Liz deserved a hot piece of meat like him
  4. Carol Burnett
    surprisingly high on the list considering my dislike for Matt Damon 🤔 but he is objectively attractive, loved TGS, and I am Interested in the concept of them only seeing each other once a month in a hotel room
  5. Drew Baird
    in a true @mindy moment, Liz got to make out with one of the most attractive men in Hollywood and that alone earns him this spot. also, it was nice to see Liz exist in his bubble while it lasted
  6. Criss Chros
    another Mindy move bc James Marsden is F🔥I🔥N🔥E :/ he also cooks for her and let's her Live so I like him for that, he was a good choice for her to end up with
  7. Dennis Duffy
    unpopular opinion but Dennis is my favorite and truly should be number one on this list except I love Liz too much to want her to marry him. he is? literally so hilarious and him and Liz are honestly very compatible except for the fact that he is kind of crazy 🤔
  8. Floyd Debarber
    attractive, sweet, funny, got along with Jack, tried to make long distance work. was devastated when he left Liz for the city of Cleveland but it doesn't matter because he's still #1