Last month The New York Times Magazine ran a short piece with instructions for projecting power.
  1. "Don't bother over explaining yourself."
  2. "Speak succinctly."
  3. Don't speak.
  4. "Keep your limbs away from your body."
  5. Put your arms on the chairs next to you.
  6. Put your legs on the table.
  7. Scatter your limbs to the corners of the room.
  8. "Take ownership of the space around you, whether it's a boardroom or a cubicle."
  9. "Say to yourself: 'This is my room. This is my table. This is my audience.'"
  10. Pick up the coffee cup of the person across from you. Say, "This is my coffee cup."
  11. Take his wallet. Say, "This is my wallet."
  12. "'Think of yourself as a protector'...This is especially true for women working in male-dominated environments like Silicon Valley. 'I have in mind the queen,' Gruenfeld says. 'She has dignity and respect, and she makes people feel safe, but underneath her cape is a sword.'"
  13. Wear a crown.
  14. Hug men when they feel threatened by you. Then stab them with your sword.
  15. Cut the letters P-O-W-E-R out of cardboard. Place the cardboard in front of a projector. Turn it on.