1. My first glimpse of a line of Air Jordan's, which felt like a time-collapsed version of my father's closet when I was a kid.
  2. A 50-ish guy and his wife running over to the Stan Smith case gleefully (like, running-into-the-sock-hop gleefully), recalling his old pairs.
  3. Overhearing two guys (father and uncle?) educating a kid about Adidas Shell Toes and all white Nike Air Force 1's, trying to convince him of the value of the basic.
  4. The Pumas. (My adulthood.)
  5. My flashback to borrowing a friend's mixed-matched pair of pastel-colored Reebok Freestyles in maybe 4th grade and feeling a little girlier than usual. (Exhibit pair: bubblegum pink.)
  6. All of the couples on first dates.