A list of lists I need to write

I took my afternoon Ritalin an hour ago and it is finally kicking in. It's got me thinking of all sorts of lists I should be writing. I will add to this in the future as I think of things
  1. 1.
    "The things I think about doing when my Ritalin kicks in"
  2. 2.
    "The ingredients in the smoothie I just made"
  3. 3.
    "Why I love my job at whole foods"
  4. 4.
    "Why I stopped posting so much political shit on my Facebook"
  5. 5.
    "Why I love my husband"
  6. 6.
    "Why I am passionate about customer service"
  7. 7.
    "My fears, from the rational to irrational"
  8. 8.
    "Why I love Whole 30"
  9. 9.
    "Chronic pain and the reasons it sucks"
  10. 10.
    "My favorite ice cream flavors"
  11. 11.
    "Things at whole foods that I want to try"