I decided to take a nap after work. I haven't actually fallen asleep, but now I don't want to get out of bed.
  1. My dog is in bed with me
    See my first list if this reason is unclear
  2. I'm not wearing pants
    Something about being pants-less just feels so good
  3. It's hot outside
    And somehow, this is relevant to wanting to stay in bed
  4. The dishes need to be done
    If I get out of bed, I will have to look at them. Or, even worse, I will have to wash them
  5. The living room is a mess
    Not really tryina clean today
  6. I'm tired
    Who isnt?
  7. I have zero obligations for the rest of the day
    Perks of being lazy and afraid of commitment
  8. Because
    Because, that's why!