Reasons why I love my dog and don't care if you do

  1. She's my dog
  2. Your opinion doesn't matter
  3. She wears flowers so well
  4. She's goofy
  5. Her brother is a bunny
  6. She's a classy bitch
  7. She looked like THIS as a puppy
  8. And THIS
  9. And also like THIS
  10. Sometimes she gets into places she isn't supposed to be
  11. Or poops in places she shouldnt
  12. Or tries to sneak people food when we aren't looking
  13. But I just look at the bright side! She's adventurous, isn't constipated, and has good taste in food.
  14. So really, I love my dog. It's okay if you don't. Just don't be offended if I tell you your kid is ugly.