These are the usual responses I give to people who ask when Adam and I plan to start having children
  1. When we can afford it
    This is one of the biggest factors for us. I don't want to struggle to raise a child because of money.
  2. In (insert number here) years
    Ideally I would like to say we won't have kids for at least 2 more years, but timing is kind of irrelevant to everything else. I don't like the idea of a timeline or deadline for major life events.
  3. When binge watching shows on Netflix is no longer one of my priorities
    This is actually something I think about often while being lazy and watching tv for hours at a time. Once we decide to have kids, that shit ain't happening ever again (at least not without feeling exhausted or being interrupted). Im just not ready to give up simple pleasures like that.
  4. When I feel like I have my shit together
    So....... No kids anytime soon 😆
  5. When we are ready
    I think this answer speaks for itself and is what matters most.