Things I Looked at in a Web Browser Today

  1. Who was teaching my noon yoga class
  2. My bank account
    *action repeated
  3. Two vinyl corsets, searched by vendor SKU
  4. A tomato farm in Iceland
  5. A list of vegan restaurants in Ireland
    Not a typo here
  6. What Icelandic meat soup is
    Lamb, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, broth
  7. Two different local restaurant menus
  8. Event times for the track & field Olympic trials
    *action repeated
  9. Live coverage of some of those trials
  10. What the price was for a special at a restaurant to prove someone wrong
  11. My work Tumblr
  12. How to spell Shandling, as in Garry Shandling, to make sure I spelled it right
    I did
  13. The Sanskrit name for wheel pose
    Urdhva Dhanurasana
  14. An explanation on Rule 40 to show a coworker