I didn't know about or appreciate these things until now
  1. Birkenstocks
    Oh, the comfort. Cannot with the socks though 😩
  2. Le creuset enameled cast iron cookware. (Especially my Caribbean blue braiser/everyday pot. And especially my red wide Dutch oven).
  3. Making bread in the aforementioned le creuset pot.
    It all started with the ny times recipe but now I try different pots to shape the bread better. One daughter wants rolls and the other wants bread. How to get that ciabatta roll shape!? Got the loaf shape down now. If only slicing it for sandwiches that fit in sandwich baggies was easier! I get that cliche about sliced bread now though. ..
  4. Changing colors of leaves
    I mean I always liked fall best but now I just can't get over the colors!!
  5. Cats
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    Who knew. I could never have imagined. Sweet kitties!
  6. Avocado toast and avocados
  7. Coconut everything
  8. The beach
    Just looking at it, not going in the water.
  9. Yoga
    Has to be gentle or restorative. It's all about the relaxation and maybe the stretching.
  10. Tea
    But it has to be flavored. And/or strong. And it can't he first thing in he morning. That's coffee time.
  11.  products
     everything! iPhones, MacBook, Apple TV etc 👍🏾👍🏾
  12. BOSE products