i am so excited about the emoji update that came out today (at least I downloaded it today)! I can't explain my excitement about the taco (finally 🙌🏻) or the eye roll emoji. but there are stills few emojis missing from my ideal keyboard.
  1. redhead
    I love that we've begun to diversify our emojis - racially, religiously, the flags available. I'd still like to see an emoji with redhead hair, though! it would be great to have an emoji that sports my orange locks. we might only make up 1-2% of the population, but show us and our genetic mutation a little love.
  2. netflix
    if I'm being honest (and I am), a lot of my life is spent with Netflix. I watch it as I fall asleep, while I cook, and while I'm putting off much more important tasks *cough writing papers cough*. we might as well have an emoji that represents what I'm actually doing on a Friday night (and Saturday night).
  3. pick-up truck
    I like pickup trucks. they're cute and fun, and I think we should have one amidst the other vehicle emojis. besides, how else are you going to let your friend with a truck know that you need their help moving?
  4. salad
    I like salad so I kinda want a leafy emoji in case I'm texting people about my lunch. but let's face it, probably no one cares that I'm eating a salad.
  5. bacon
    I've always been a fan of bacon. the perfect breakfast would be a blueberry waffle and crispy bacon. while I certainly have not hopped on the bacon bandwagon, I'm sure the occasional bacon eaters and the bacon-aholics would appreciate and make great use of a bacon emoji.
  6. planets
    I think I've only had the "need" for a planet emoji once in my texting career, but it seems like a cool emoji to have, especially with all that we are learning about Mars.
  7. dinosaur(s)
    we have dragons, but not dinosaurs? need I say more? I personally would vote for a brontosaurus, stegosaurus, and tyrannosaurus rex, but I would gladly settle for just a T. rex.
  8. fingers crossed
    this seems like a nice edition to the hand options, especially for when I'm hoping something will happen for someone - I'd like to show them a visual representation of the luck I'm sending their way that isn't a snapchat of my hand.
  9. throw up face
    there are so many times I find myself wishing I had this emoji. not because I'm actually ralfing, but because that's often my figurative reaction to so many things. I'm sure people recovering from a rough night out would also make solid use of this emoji, too.
  10. avocado
    given the amount of avocado and guac that I eat, an avocado emoji would come in handy so often. a halved avocado emoji, so that people know what it is.