if history repeats itself, I'll wait until the day before Halloween/Halloween parties to figure out my costume. this is me attempting to be proactive on the costume front this year.
  1. miss frizzle (from the magic school bus)
    I have the wild red hair and the creativity to make one of miss frizzle's themed dresses. and I'm going into education. so this is a logical choice.
  2. skeleton
    I can decorate a black shirt and leggings with the human skeleton. maybe I would even paint the bones in glow-in-dark paint.
  3. notebook paper
    I saw a picture of this the other day, and I think it's easy and fitting for my career in education. just paint the lines of notebook paper onto white clothing.
  4. emoji face
    clearly I'm all about ease, comfort, and making my own costume. I could paint one of my favorite emoji faces (😂🙃🤓🙄🤗😑) on cardboard and hang it around my neck.
  5. nothing
    costumes are fun and I really like candy, but I also really like staying home and eating candy while I watch netflix. so a night in on Halloween isn't unrealistic or out of the picture for me.