When several of my dearest people have gotten married, I've been part of their gaggle of gal pal sidekicks. Some seriously happy memories of being a bridesmaid. 💕👯
  1. Amy
    Amy is one of my best friends and she married our good friend from freshman year! Erin and I were bridesmaids. We took very seriously our duty of compiling the playlist (including a couple of necessary dancing tunes, even though dancing per se was not on the agenda), climbed up into the treehouse in our dresses (obviously), sampled every flavor of cupcakes after they cut the cake (they were all amazing), and yelled "GO LONG" to Amy for the bouquet toss.
  2. Cat(herine)
    My cousin Cat had a beautiful, frigid wedding day on New Year's Eve in NYC! The bridesmaids were on baby duty for nieces and nephews, and took we took the wedding photos afterwards in Central Park wayyy beyond the point where we couldn't feel our hands. 💨❄️
  3. Erin
    Erin is also one of my BFFs. We danced our hearts out at her wedding and I cried when her mom talked about her during the toasts/family stories segment. Also she had a soft serve machine (with all the fixings for sundaes) and it was obviously a great idea. 🍦