Some faves and some gems.
  1. "Oh dear! Oh, the deer for the...venison stew!"
  2. "We don't know anything about her parents; they might be pirates!"
  3. "I wish not to call you my friend, for I wish to call you something infinitely more dear."
  4. "And I tried not to think of Mr. Knightley in the garden, where I thrice plucked the petals of a daisy to ascertain his feelings for Harriet. I don't know why we keep daisies, they are such drab little flowers."
  5. "Your entire personality is a riddle, Mr. Knightley; I thought you overqualified."
  6. "I would ask you to please refrain from the intimacy of whispering!"
  7. "I love John! How could John do that? I hate John!"
  8. "I have a delicate and perplexing matter I must discuss with my brother."
  9. "When pressed, I say she is elegant!" ☂
  10. "There is only one thing to do with a person as impossible as she... I must throw a party for her! Otherwise everyone will feel at once how much I dislike her."
  11. "Badly done, Emma! Badly done." 😭
  12. "Triumph? You made a lucky guess!" "Have you never known the triumph of a lucky guess?"
  13. "Men of sense do not want silly wives!"
  14. "Thank you for being so thoughtful." "No, thank you for thinking I am thoughtful."
  15. "Did I mention we are having a new drain installed?"
  16. "When you get married, you must eat strawberries at your wedding."