"Whenever people would ask me what my favorite food was, I never had a good answer. One day I finally realized it's ice cream, and that has made all the difference." This list was co-authored by the inimitable Allison Otting @aott 🍦
  1. Mango Angelou
  2. Malt Whitman
  3. Sylvia Plum
  4. e. e. kumquat
  5. Mary Olive-r
    (Olive oil ice cream is a thing, but this entry was heavily contested)
  6. Emily Brownië
  7. Edgar Almond Poe
  8. Pret-zel Silverstein
  9. John Minton
  10. Elizabeth Barrett Brownieng
  11. William Shakespearmint
  12. Samuel Taylor Caramelidge
  13. Oscar Wilde-berry
  14. Edna St. Vanilla Millay
  15. Langston Blues-berry
  16. Lord Chai-ron