1. Shamoji
    Wooden spatula
  2. Donabe
    A flame proof, earthenware casserole
  3. Tamago-yaki nabe
    Japanese rectangular frying pan for omelette
  4. Donburi
    A large ceramic bowl for rice or noodles
  5. Hibachi
    Charcoal grill
  6. Jubako
    The New Years Layer Box
  7. Oshiwaku
    A wooden box for pressing sushi rice
  8. Nagashikan
    A loaf pan with lift out tray
  9. Otoshibuta
    An inner wooden lid
  10. Sakanayaki
    A top-of-the-stove grill
  11. Shamoji
    A round wooden Spatula
  12. Sudare
    A bamboo mat
  13. Suribachi/Surikogi
    Earthenware serrated mortar with wooden pestle
  14. Sushioke/ Bandai
    The shallow round disc used for sushi
  15. Takegushi
    Small Bamboo Skewers
  16. Tempura Pan
    A round iron pan for deep-fat frying. With a built in draining rack
  17. Zaru
    Bamboo strainers which can be used as plates for certain dishes
  18. Sukiyaki Nabe
    A shallow round cast-iron pan for dishes like sukiyaki