In chronological order
  1. Can't forget to grab my chargers
  2. Where the fuck is my medium sized black suitcase
  3. Can I get away with wearing the same pair of pants everyday?
  4. There is no scarf that I won't need on this trip
  5. Is three pairs of extra contacts enough pairs of extra contacts?
  6. Am I sure my boarding pass is right?
  7. What if I accidentally deleted the confirmation email???
  8. Should I caffeinate now or plan on sleeping in transit?
  9. Is it weird to pack my own snack?
  10. Messy hair is travel chic, right?
  11. I never unpacked the damn suitcase
  12. I am a disgusting slob
  13. Which coat pocket are my headphones in?
  14. Really need to remember the chargers
  15. Sunglasses too!!!!
  16. I shouldn't check the weather because if I find out it's supposed to rain I'll need to do a wardrobe redesign and I don't have time for that
  17. Shit I need to leave this minute
  18. I hope nothing smells weird when I get back