Observations about Canadians

Currently on a 25 day trip with 26 Canadians and I am one of two Americans
  1. They really do say "eh" a lot
  2. The first thing they wanted know how to say in Thai was "sorry"
  3. The men do not seem to have as fragile masculinities as the men in the US
    A major generalization, but notable
  4. Each province has a distinct personality and they have a lot of regional pride
    Perhaps even more than US state pride
  5. They don't give a shit about the monarchy
  6. They're very proud to be Canadian
  7. To be continued
  8. They love shotgunning beer
    We definitely do the occasional shotgun in America but it seems like it's a commonplace pregaming/casual drinking activity
  9. They LOVE country music
  10. They are shocked that I don't know who terry fox is