Apps I Would Design for Women

  1. Tights Or No Tights?
    Is the weather borderline today? Worry about your legwear no longer. This app answers definitively based on temperature and wind speed. Add-on feature tells you whether your tights are actually navy or black.
  2. Rejectr
    He won't take the hint? Ladies, this app is for you. Delivers firm but kind "no" to tinder or regular date creepers who refuse to accept a polite refusal. Also comes with taser extension if needed.
  3. Imaginary Friend
    Are you really gonna wear that shirt with those pants? This app provides a live stream to an on-call buddy for outfit decision-making and questionable purchase approval/disapproval. For $1.99 one of our trained wingwomen will talk you through your momentary paralysis.
  4. Hackifer Lawrence
    Breaks through the firewall in your company's payroll department's computers, revealing gross inequities in salary between male and female employees. Allows you to negotiate with transparency.