1. This is good. Good for you.
    Yeah, I mean, motivating to get out of the house is such a pain but whatever. I'm here. I realize if I did it my way I'd just be sitting on the couch in my sweatpants, swiping in different directions and never doing anything about it.
  2. He's cute! And doesn't seem like an asshole.
    Oh definitely not. And clearly smart. Well-read. But not my usual writer/editor/journalist/filmmaker type. Doesn't seem like he wants to compete with me about whose career is more impressive, like [redacted] did.
  3. He's nice.
    Oh no. Nice. Oy. Maybe I'm the asshole here. I can't tell if dating in New York has ruined me or if I've always been like this.
  4. He's laughing at all my jokes.
    A lot. They're really not that funny. Some of them aren't even jokes. I feel like Joe Pesci here.
  5. Really laughing. Whoa dude.
  6. Is he high?
  7. Nope. Just nice.
    This is not going to work. He's too nice for me. I'm a monster. I wonder if I could set him up with my friend. She's kinder.
  8. I want to go home and read my book about cancer.
    Probably shouldn't think that on a date. But it's amazing. The Emperor of All Maladies. A+
  9. I'm going to die alone.
    Maybe someone will find me weeks later like in that piece in the Times. On the one hand, this seems terrifying. One the other, quite peaceful and I wouldn't have to go on dates.
  10. Oh shit I think he asked me a question.