These are on my office wall
  1. "I lost count"
    ... Of how many times "kind of" & "sort of" were used by the Weekend staff. Prefacing statements with "kind of" or "sort of" makes the host appear wishy washy, insecure, and overly concerned about alienating the person being interviewed.
  2. Dear Marketplace people
    Why do you sing when you talk? Why do you say sort of all the time? Are you unsure in what you're reporting? It's very annoying and I can't stand listening. Please stop singing when you report or at least warn people that you are not sure and you sing so they can choose to turn off the radio before getting upset.
  3. This is the worst show I have ever heard on the radio
  4. Comment re: Lizzie O'Leary
    Could not believe how unsuited Lizzie O'Leary is for this job. As the quality of on-air talent slowly declines - on public as well as commercial radio - this one took a quantum leap down the steep slope. I'd give a list of her quirky hosting/interviewing performance but don't have the time or energy to compile the long list. On the positive side, she did avoid the ubiquitous "ya know."
  5. Lizzie
    You sound like so many other judgmental people with an attitude against Whole Foods. I'm old enough to to remember their first store in Austin, TX. So what's your "bitch" against Whole Foods? I have been a vegetarian for almost 40 yrs and I can buy everything I love to eat at virtually the same cost. Granted I weigh 120 lbs and I'm 5'5." Are you FAT? I can help. Email if desired but change your judgmental tone.