Please add yours, fellow neurotics.
  1. Hit by flying pigeon
    Happened to me once in midtown, swear to god.
  2. Killed by falling air conditioner
  3. Pushed in front of train by crazy person
  4. Stepping on rat
    Grad school, 109th street, in sandals. Awful.
  5. Falling into bodega basement
    Happened to a guy in Brooklyn last year. He died.
  6. Alone in subway car with poop
    Always check.
  7. Dying alone in apartment, found weeks later when you start to smell
  8. strange person on bus sneezes into your open mouth
    it's happened. never breathe on public transportation
    Suggested by @facebook
  9. Stumbling into a Twilight Zone of a 20 block radius of only Cash Only places when you need something vital like coffee and left your debit card at home.
    Suggested by @maryfduffy
  10. While walking across a street, being hit by a bicycle.
    Suggested by @jensnow
  11. Scaffolding collapse.
    Suggested by @jensnow
  12. Being locked overnight in The Museum of Modern Art but not being able to walk around because of an intricate alarm system.
    Suggested by @jensnow
  13. Falling down the subway stairs, and all onlookers turn away instead of helping.
    Suggested by @jensnow