(that they honestly shouldn't)
  1. You don't look sick!
    I appreciate that. I do. But here's the thing - I am. Some days it takes all of my willpower to get out of bed. Some days I put on makeup and do my hair to make myself feel better about the general lack of control I have over this situation. I just try to roll with it.
  2. Have you tried [ ...]
    Acupuncture, meditation, giving up gluten, whatever. Yes, I probably have. I do some of these things. And no, that's not the issue. It might help on the margins, but my body is literally attacking itself.
  3. Are you stressed?
    Well, yes and no. I mean, I run a show, try to be good to my staff and also take care of myself in a high-pressure environment. But did stress cause this? Big no.
  4. Maybe get some rest?
    You should remove yourself from my punching radius.
  5. It's all about positive attitude!
    A) please see above B) every person I know who manages a chronic disease is a friggin soldier, with empathy and humor to boot.