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  1. Eric Foreman
    I think I thought he was funny?
  2. Jesse (from Hannah Montana)
  3. Jesse McCartney
    I used to watch that show Summerland and he was my favorite character
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I leave early Saturday morning and won't be home again until Christmas! I love school so much but I always feel a mix of emotions when it's time to go back.
  1. I'm partially so relieved summer is over because the kids I babysat for were AWFUL
    We had our good days but most of the time I just wanted to leave and nap for a thousand years
  2. But I am also sad because I did so many fun things with my home friends and family and I'll miss them a lot
    And by myself, too, because I really like to go out and do things alone!
  3. And I'm a little stressed out because I need to do so much before I leave and classes are starting soon which means homework homework homework
    Finish packing! Review labs for a class because I'm a TA! Getting myself reorganized in general!
  4. However, I'm mostly excited because I love my school and I love the people, activities, and classes that I've filled my life with there
    I feel like I have a second home when I'm at school. What more could I ask for??
She is seven and makes me laugh on the daily.
  1. "Ewww why is there hair in there???!"
    In reference to the stitches I have in my gums because of the oral surgery I had last week.
  2. "I never see you look good"
    She told me I should really dress up more and wear more makeup for when I come to babysit her at 8am in the summer...
  3. "Ahh no! But there's a dog next door if you feel you really need to look at one"
    Her response when I asked if she wanted to take my dogs to the dog park
  4. "I'm pretty tired and it's a lot of work to find parking"
    Her repose when I asked if she wanted to go to the public museum (I really wanted to get out of the house today). I told her she wouldn't have to do any of the driving, but she still wasn't into it.
  1. People who eat with their mouth open
    The noise makes me cringe
  2. The way a cleaning at the dentist includes like 20 minutes of them just scratching at your teeth with the sharp metal tools
  3. People who don't use their blinkers
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I haven't seen that many and most of them are French because that's one of the things I'm studying. However, every time I watch one I love it! Please give me suggestions, I'd love to watch more!
  1. Amelie (French)
  2. The Intouchables (French)
    Probably one of my favorite movies of all time, international or otherwise
  3. My Internship in Canada (French,Canadian)
    Saw this at an international film festival near my school. Very funny!
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  1. My favorite place to go swimming when I'm at my family's lake house
    It's my happy place. So peaceful.
  2. My best friend, one of my sisters and I went to go watch the sunset on Lake Michigan
  3. Zac Efron's yolo tattoo
    I sent this to my friend when she responded 'yolo' to the idea of going to a new restaurant, which is like the least yolo-y thing ever.
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  1. Knowing How to Speak Every Language
    I definitely stole this idea from Obama. The best superpower in my mind.
  2. Being able to breath and see underwater
    I know we can technically do this with technology, but I think it would be so cool to just be able to dive into any lake or ocean and see all of the cool creatures living down there without any time constraints or depth limits
  3. Speak to animals
    I want to know what they're thinking! Is their consciousness similar to ours?! Is my dog mad at me?!
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I feel really strongly about this list for absolutely no reason.
  1. Rihanna and Tom Hiddleston
  2. Ray Fines & Bradley Cooper
    Are they the same person?? 😄
    Suggested by   @IveGottaTellMel
There are other great ones, but this is my all time fave I think
  1. Despair- Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Karen O's yellow suit. First video shot at the top of the Empire State Building. Beautiful song, beautiful images. Karen's infectious smile and dancing. PERFECTION.
I feel like I'm missing some, but I'm just going to post this anyway
  1. Parks & Rec
    I cried when it ended and I rarely cry over tv
  2. The West Wing
    I always feel so inspired by the end of an episode and also CJ is my idol
  3. My Mad Fat Diary
    I've yet to meet someone else who watches it, but it's so beautiful and wonderful and sad and I relate so much to the main character
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