Things/People I am not a fan of

  1. People who eat with their mouth open
    The noise makes me cringe
  2. The way a cleaning at the dentist includes like 20 minutes of them just scratching at your teeth with the sharp metal tools
  3. People who don't use their blinkers
  4. People who don't turn their brights off at night when they pass you
    I need to see in order to drive!
  5. Reheated leftover pizza
    Eating it cold is sooooo much better
  6. Mowing the lawn
    My least favorite chore of all time. Will flat out refuse to do it if parents ask. I know I'm a baby.
  7. People who complain about a headache and then refuse to take some medicine or a short nap OR DO ANYTHING THAT WILL MAKE IT FEEL BETTER
  8. Bugs