She is seven and makes me laugh on the daily.
  1. "Ewww why is there hair in there???!"
    In reference to the stitches I have in my gums because of the oral surgery I had last week.
  2. "I never see you look good"
    She told me I should really dress up more and wear more makeup for when I come to babysit her at 8am in the summer...
  3. "Ahh no! But there's a dog next door if you feel you really need to look at one"
    Her response when I asked if she wanted to take my dogs to the dog park
  4. "I'm pretty tired and it's a lot of work to find parking"
    Her repose when I asked if she wanted to go to the public museum (I really wanted to get out of the house today). I told her she wouldn't have to do any of the driving, but she still wasn't into it.