I feel like I'm missing some, but I'm just going to post this anyway
  1. Parks & Rec
    I cried when it ended and I rarely cry over tv
  2. The West Wing
    I always feel so inspired by the end of an episode and also CJ is my idol
  3. My Mad Fat Diary
    I've yet to meet someone else who watches it, but it's so beautiful and wonderful and sad and I relate so much to the main character
  4. Broadchurch
    The Brits do crime shows right. I recommend it to everyone I know.
  5. Veep
    The total opposite of the West Wing. It makes me laugh so hard.
  6. Sherlock
  7. Criminal Minds
    Still haven't finished all the seasons, but I go back to it often
  8. Bones
    Started watching this from the beginning, so there is lots of nostalgia here
  9. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries
    Independent lady detective in 1920's Australia- what's not to love???
  10. Dance Academy
    Kind of a guilty pleasure. Season 2 😭😭😭
  11. Teen Wolf
    Used to watch this every week with my best friend. The most recent seasons are kinda letting me down.
  12. The Mindy Project
    I love everything Mindy Kaling does
  13. Keeping Up With the Kardashians
    Don't you dare judge me!
  14. Friends
    Everybody knows it, everybody loves it, including me.
  15. Veronica Mars
  16. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown
    What an ideal job
  17. The Great British Baking Show
    It's so relaxing and all of the contestants are so nice to each other
  18. iZombie
    Whenever I try to explain it to people, they look at me like I'm stupid for watching it. But it's really good and everyone should watch it.