Requested by Bill

Explanation of a Picture of ME With the Lower Half of My Body in What Appears to Be a Cat Door

Thanks @pili_ervin for requesting this!!!! Although the story isn't that great
  1. Here's the pic
  2. It was New Year's Eve
  3. I knew I had to make something memorable happen
    Thankfully @melgross had a cat door in her basement or who knows what would have happened.
  4. So I did it
    I went feet first through her cat door, eager to prove myself.
  5. It wasn't always easy
    I'll admit, I did get occasionally stuck.
  6. But it was rewarding
    I made it through. I vividly remember cheering, but it's possible it was all in my head, I was too elated to tell.
  7. A year later on New Year's Eve once again, I attempted to defend my title
    It seemed more difficult but I did it!!! The first time I felt pride. The second time I felt relief.